Our Team

Operations Managers (OM)

Our thoroughly trained Operations Managers oversee the Case Managers in creating the most beneficial medical tourism package for all of our clients.


All Med Journey's Operations Managers are:


  • Very experienced in Operations Management
  • Highly meticulous to details
  • Involved in coordinating, planning and executing personalized programs
  • Constantly running Quality Control Tests to ensure excellent service
  • Responsible for collaborating with Case Managers to handle every detail of your trip


Case Managers (CM)

Our Case Managers guide clients through every step of the process.


CM's are responsible for:


  • Suggesting the finest medical facilities and accommodations in a host country
  • Working individually with each client to put together a world-class medical tourism package
  • Ensuring that all pre-medical journey tasks are taken care of prior to departure
  • Composing a comprehensive travel itinerary containing detailed information on attractions, restaurants, schedules and confirmations
  • Maintaining contact with their clients 24-7 to address any questions or concerns
  • Facilitating conference calls with Doctors
  • Facilitating conference calls with Host Country Managers


Host Country Managers (HCM)

Upon arrival at the destination, clients are greeted by their Host Country Manager at the airport. The Host Country Manager will remain with the client throughout their entire medical journey.


The role of the HCM is to:


  • Act as a 24-hour a day concierge service
  • Be present at the initial examination(s), during the actual procedure, thru the post-procedure recuperation period, and also available to assist with tourist activities
  • Maintain communication with the client at all periods in time
  • Greet the client at the airport
  • Provide the client with a cell phone during their medical journey
  • Arrange private transportation to the hotel
  • Checking the client into their hotel
  • Transporting the client to all medical visits and surgeries
  • Provide their residential expertise to client on local culture, customs, local restaurants, shopping and spa facilities
  • Provide baggage assistance at the airport and make certain that the client safely boards the plane
  • Arrange for medical assistance at the airport when necessary


Doctors and Nurses

At Med Journeys we believe that every client should have 24 hour access to medical personnel for consultation purposes. As such, Med Journeys has assembled a staff of doctors and nurses for all medical consultation and client inquiries.


Our Staff of Doctors and Nurses serve our clients by:


  • Providing answers to questions regarding the clients procedure in a timely fashion
  • Addressing client concerns and issues
  • Providing pre-operative nutrition/diet schedules and recommendations
  • Providing post-operative recuperative recommendations and suggestions
  • Sending client all relevant documentation and literature on the procedures they are considering
  • Corresponding with Doctors and Surgeons in destination hospital to ensure that proper treatment is given 

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