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Thank you for giving Med Journeys the opportunity to provide you with medical options available through our company. You have made an important decision and we want to make your experience a pleasant one. We are here to assist you to plan the details. We recognize that you will have very specific questions about healthcare facilities, doctors, preparation travel, and medical risks abroad. Med Journeys is a leader in the industry and will provide you with very clear and accurate answers to all your questions.  We are dedicated in making the process of receiving medical treatment away from home as easy and comfortable as possible. We have visited the accredited hospitals and clinics within our network and have met with their doctors to make sure you receive the best treatment.


We have put together a comprehensive medical form designed to look out for potential problems that would put you at any type of risk during your medical journey. Our consultants have done extensive research through a variety of sources in creating the data required for this form.


Please complete this medical form so that we can offer as much detail into the quotes we will provide to you. Once we have received a completed form, our Case Managers (CM) will be contacting you to discuss all of your options.

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