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Companion Rewards

Many of our clients choose to share their experience abroad with a companion. For those clients who prefer to travel in the company of a close friend or family member, Med Journeys makes available the “Companion Rewards” program. This program is a unique aspect of our value-added service model, in which your All-inclusive total cost will allow your companion to enjoy the same special amenities that you are receiving.


Under the “Companion Rewards” program your companion will receive the following package as a part of your Med Journeys All-inclusive cost:


Airfare: Our Air Department will also work with your companion in making the necessary air travel arrangements.       


Accommodations:  Your companion's accommodation will also be included in your medical program package and he/she will benefit from all the personal services offered to you during recuperation. 


Meals: Companions will be provided meals throughout the program.  


Local Support/Optional Tours: Our Host Country Managers (HCM) will assist your companion in making arrangements for local tourist adventures and will accommodate all other special requests.


Aside from the medical procedure, all personalized services are available to your companion throughout the journey. We have found that quality of care is not only limited to the client, but also for their companion. Our value-added service model is geared on making sure that your companion is well taken care of at all times, as they too are just as important!


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