Costa Rica

Costa Rica's universal health care is considered one of the best healthcare systems in Latin America. Private care providers are very reasonably priced and world class, with many doctors that speak excellent English and who have studied abroad in Europe, Canada or the US. Prices for treatments in Costa Rica can be as much as 50% less than what you will find in the U.S., with the quality being the same.


Costa Rica is Central America's jewel. It's an oasis of calm among turbulent neighbors and an ecotourism heaven, making it one of the best places to experience the tropics with minimal impact. It's also mostly coastline, which means great surfing, beaches galore and a climate built for laziness. Costa Rica's enlightened approach to conservation has ensured that lush jungles are home to playful monkeys, crocodiles, countless lizards, poison-dart frogs and a mind-boggling assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies. Meanwhile, endangered sea turtles nest on both coasts and cloud forests protect elusive birds and jungle cats.


The country is divided by a backbone of volcanoes and mountains, an extension of the Andes-Sierra Madre chain which runs along the western side of the Americas. Costa Rica has four distinct cordilleras or mountain ranges -- Guanacaste and Tilaran in the north, Central and Talamanca in the south. Costa Rica is part of the Pacific "Rim of Fire" and has seven of the isthmus's 42 active volcanoes plus dozens of dormant or extinct cones.

Costa Rica is one of Central America's eco-tourist hot spots.

Although it is geographically a small country, Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet. Visitors encounter oceans, beaches, rivers, mountains, and an abundance of flora and fauna.


San José
Packed with office towers, shopping malls and restaurants, San José is more cosmopolitan than other Central American capitals. It is the true hub of Costa Rican life. World class restaurants offer gourmet delicacies alongside typical eateries serving traditional Tico treats. Museums, theatres and cinemas dot the cityscape and the nightlife is vibrant, with packed bars, live music and nightclubs pumping every day of the week.


Costa Rica's stable government and the Central Valley's climate have, over the years, attracted people from all over the world. There's a large diplomatic and international business presence here. Sprawling smack in the middle of the fertile Valle Central, San José has a spectacular setting, ringed by the jagged silhouettes of soaring mountains some of them volcanoes on all sides.


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